About Reverend and Smith


Reverend and Smith is by two guys living in Brisbane, Australia. It all started when we found that they enjoyed talking to each other and debating ideas on board games, life, and of course theology. Together we decided they would start this podcast so that other could listen in on our conversations and join us on the journey on figuring stuff out. Reverend and Smith isn’t about telling you what to think, but hopefully presenting perspectives and ideas you haven’t considered before. So we’d like to welcome you here and invite you to eavesdrop on our conversation.

About Reverend

Hello! Allow me to tell you a little bit about myself. Yes, I am an actual Reverend, currently in placement in Brisbane city. I fell in love with doing theology when I enrolled in a degree which forced me to confront my preconceived ideas. As I began to examine theology and philosophy I became enthralled with questioning and seeking. I learned to not sit still with my faith.  I was also blessed to study with people from a range of denominations which really made me appreciate the breadth and depth of what Christianity is, and what God’s Church has to offer. So I keep doing what I started. I like to talk to people, to learn about them, their views, and see what they can offer me for my own faith.

About Smith

He’s an actual Reverend and I’m an actual Smith. It’s true! I’m not ordained but I studied theology because I wanted to. It’s a fantastic pursuit that has informed the rest of my life, at work and at home. I’ve been part of Anglican, Pentecostal, and Baptist churches over the years and completed my theological education in biblical studies and philosophy. And when I’m not doing all that, I like tabletop gaming and comics. So much nerd wrapped up in one Smith.