I am so disinterested in politics it isn’t funny. Smith seems to care though… So in this episode I grill Smith a little bit on Christians being political.

For my money, just do your best to live love and show grace.

An episode on politics!

Praying the will of God

It’s time to pray. Get some divine Gandalf action going, name and claim your heart’s desire to spread out your tent and inherit the nations.

Or you can listen to this episode where we talk about prayer. We talk about what we do in prayer, and what we see in Biblical prayer. We also talk about the problem of evil and how prayer interacts with that deep theological problem.

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And Smith

And we’re back! Well one of us is. Sometimes Smith and I just can’t manage to get together and so we’ve decided to fill in these spaces with some Reverend and Smith Solo Sessions!

In this solo session, Smith answers questions which have come directly from you, the listener!


Super Jesus! A man of power or a man of mystery?

There has been a surge in super heroes in the public eye. Marvel and DC have taken over our cinemas as they fight to create the best blockbuster hero movies they can. And we love it! These larger than life characters capture our imagination as they become symbols of our hopes and our dreams. They don’t toil in the dirt with us mere mortals, they rise above it all as they seize victory after victory.

But does our familiarity with super heroes affect how we think of Jesus? Do we tend to think of Jesus as a man? Or have we started to think of him more like our favourite heroes?

In this episode of Reverend and Smith we talk Christology, and just how larger than life is Jesus really?

What is theology? With special guest, Rev. Dr. Geoff Thompson

This time we interview another reverend; the Reverend Doctor Geoff Thompson. Geoff teaches systematic theology at Pilgrim Theological College in Melbourne.
Throughout the episode Geoff talks about what systematic theology is and why it’s worth doing. Also, he delves into the challenge of bridging the gap between academic theology and the average Christian believer (if there is even such a person!).

Follow Geoff’s writings at his blog, Xenizonta. Or you can follow him on Twitter at @gtsystheol

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Tradition and Progress

There are two sides to the church that often eye each other with suspicion. Those who follow a traditional liturgy, and those who follow a progressive one. But is how we conduct our worship a reflection of deeply rooted theological arguments? Or are these differences only skin deep? In this episode of Reverend and Smith we talk about our perspectives on the question of Tradition and Progress.

Episode 1.

Hello and welcome to our little podcast. I’m reverend, and with my friend Smith we plan on talking about the things that interest us. Hopefully there will be some people out there who are interested too.

So come along with us as we converse, argue, and make stuff up to prove a point, all so that we can have a bit of fun while talking about our passion – theology

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